Permit Expediting

Superior Permit Service facilitates the permit and plans review process for architects, engineers, contractors, developers and property owners. We can handle new projects from the ground up or just process your day to day trade permits. As your agent, Superior Permit Service will provide the following permit expediting services:

  • Submit prepared permit applications to the appropriate municipality
  • Track permit status and provide email updates
  • Pickup approved permit and deliver to the requested location

Open/Expired Permits

A permit will expire after 180 days if no inspections have been performed and approved. If a permit is allowed to expire without all inspections being performed or with work partially completed, a new or re-issued permit must be obtained or the partial work must be removed. An expired permit will also prevent a seller from selling thier property. As your agent, Superior Permit Service will provide the following open/expired permit services:

  • Research public records and microfilm to determine the exact cause and remedy of all permits
  • Obtain inspection history and/or contractor information for each permit
  • Procure certified copies of the original permit and plans
  • Prepare a repair list and explain to the property owner the procedures to obtain final inspection and close the permit
  • Coordinate with professionals, such as engineers, architects and contractors to complete the job and arrange for final inspection
  • Provide "As Built" certificates through architects and engineers when necesary

Illegal Structures and Modifications Performed Without Permits

If a structure was constructed or renovated without permits, the municipality can require the structure and/or unpermitted work to be removed. Or, proper permits must be obtained. As your agent, Superior Permit Service will provide the following services to rectify an illegal structure or modification performed without permits:

  • Verify property setback requirements with planning and zoning departments
  • Arrange for architect or engineer to inspect the structure to determine if it complies with building codes or what remediation is needed to bring the structure up to code
  • Create architectural drawings of the structure for submittal to the building department
  • Obtain all necessary permits for the structure